About Me

Hello, my name is Antony Ho. I'm software developer in Hong Kong. I work mainly on making websites, WAP sites, web applications using J2EE frameworks. I contribute to open-source game server which runs on C# runtime. I worked for online game company and make MMORPG game server and client using C++. I made Android applications for game company. And you see how an omnivore I am.

Recently, I'm happy on play with Google AppEngine with Java.

This site is under update and construction. There is not much thing that you can find in here. Check out the My Works pages and find some of my works.

I like open-source software and like using Linux. Arch Linux is my current favourite Linux distro.

Antony Ho, Hong Kong
Software Developer

BSc(Hons) in Computer Science
Chu Hai College of Higher Education

MSc in Computer Science 
City University of Hong Kong